I ... am from Austria ... study softwareengineering and economics at TU Graz (so you may find me strollin around at the campus Infeldgasse) ... hang around with the guys in my band a few mistakes ago

Other stuff I've contributed to or have peeked into:

My favourite music (lookup):

  • morow.com
  • Radio Thunder UK
  • while coding: drumandbass.fm

DSVGO, GPDR and fellas: I dont give a fuck. I swear, I am not interessted in your data, I dont sell stuff here or I am not willing to collect any other data in any way. This page is entirely born with the idea to serve information, not to collect something. This is why I dont serve Ads or tracking stuff (not on purpose. I do not have the time to check the sourcecode of the stuff i am using). I know, this website uses some dynamic stuff (bludit, php), but its not made to get me rich. I dont know which spy tools my provider or any router on the way from your computer to my server and back is logging or spying you. Please leave immediately if you feel uncomfortable, otherwise.. feel free to stumble around and grep what you can get for free! :) Anyone who wants to contact me... you know how you can find me, google it. :P Mail me: ping@[thisdomain.com] I also am not, and do not feel responsible for the other links (facebook, github, ...). Don't click on it! DON'T!